Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging Request

Uploading Images - We offer an internet based file delivery service which enables you to email very large files including DICOM images. This format enables very high resolution images to be evaluated by our radiologists. Furthermore, we are able to offer a rapid turnaround service with same day reporting being possible.

To access our image upload system, please first email us via the CONTACT US page to obtain your user name and password, and then click on the link below, which will open a new browser window...

Upload Image File - (upload form opens in new browser window)

NOTE! - Please ensure you also fill in the details of the study in the Imaging Request Form below, as this gives us the related information we need in order to make a full evaluation.

Hard copy films - Non digital radiographs may also be sent via post. Please use the CONTACT US page to obtain our postal address.

Imaging Request Form

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